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Self-help and Information Guides

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Understanding the Anxiety Cycle

Anxiety Grounding Techniques

Deep Breathing for Relaxatioin

Emotions Wheel

List of Emotions

Healthy Boundary Tips

Assertive Communication

Anger Iceberg

Anger Cycle

Cycle of Abuse

Relationship Resources

Co-dependent Relationships
Do you experience a strong need to be needed, and does your partner/relative/friend excessively rely on you? If you recognise this you could be in a co-dependent relationship. This can be a complex issue to navigate, however with insight and psychotherapeutic support you have the power to change this to a more healthy dynamic.
More about Co-dependent Relationships

Unhealthy Relationships
Do you recognise an unhealthy pattern in your relationships – going from one bad relationship to another?
Here are ‘6 tips for ending a cycle of unhealthy relationships

Are you being treated poorly?
Become the love of your life

helpful resources. Holding on

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